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My record speaks for itself. I’m not one to shy away from asking the tough questions. What sets me apart is my unwavering independence—I’m not beholden to political parties or narrow interest groups. This allows me to bring a much-needed balance to the Council, representing the broader community’s interests.

As our region grows, so do the challenges, particularly in funding major infrastructure projects. In the boardroom, we need a blend of experience, composure, and innovative thinking to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles.

Looking ahead, affordability for all residents must remain our top priority. The next term of Council demands experience, diligence, and a relentless focus on ensuring every decision benefits our community as a whole.

I’m ready to continue to bring my experience and dedication to the table, working tirelessly for the betterment of our region.

Bill Cahill

Flash back to 2020

What knowledge and skills will Bill CAHILL bring to Council?

Experienced in the portfolios of environment and community services, planning and development, as well as water and waste management, I bring a wealth of expertise to the Council.
With a recently completed Master of Professional Studies Research (MPSR) from Uni SQ, my focus on leadership within the boardroom and the imperative of principle-based decision-making underscores my commitment to effective governance.
My academic journey, including a Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies Research (GCPSR), complements my extensive practical experience, positioning me to initiate vital discussions on service standards and sustainable growth, ensuring the continued benefit of our region while fostering stronger connections with the communities we serve.

With a wealth of experience in local governance spanning environment and community, planning and development, as well as water and waste management, I am equipped to lead discussions on enhancing service standards for our community. Complementing my extensive council background, I hold a Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies Research (GCPSR) and a Master of Professional Studies Research (MPSR) from the University of Southern Queensland. These qualifications, focused on leadership in both the boardroom and community settings, reflect my commitment to continually improving and applying my interest and expertise for the benefit of our region.

As a representative for our entire region, I am committed to being a voice for all residents, especially those who may feel marginalised or unheard. My consistent record of fearlessly asking questions and engaging in constructive debate underscores my dedication to addressing the concerns that affect our entire community. I pledge to listen attentively and advocate tirelessly for the well-being and progress of our region as a whole.

I am driven by a deep motivation to achieve the best outcomes for our community. Continual improvement is at the heart of my approach, and I am committed to making decisions guided by integrity and ethical principles.

As your representative, I am dedicated to ensuring that every action taken is in service of our community’s best interests. Whether it’s advocating for better infrastructure, supporting local businesses, or championing initiatives to improve our quality of life, I am focused on delivering tangible results.

Together, let’s forge a path forward built on integrity, collaboration, and a shared vision for the future. With your support, we can achieve great things for our community and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Addressing the intricate balance between meeting the evolving needs of our current community while preparing for future growth is a pressing challenge in today’s landscape. Through a comprehensive lens encompassing economic, social, environmental, and governance considerations, I collaborate with leadership teams to navigate these complexities for the betterment of our community.

Recognising the importance of the quadruple bottom line—economic, social, environmental, and governance factors—in sustainable practices, I advocate for solutions that minimise adverse impacts on our community. Additionally, I am steadfast in my advocacy for affordable access to critical infrastructure, essential for supporting the demands of a growing population.

By prioritising sustainability and equitable access to essential services, we can chart a path forward that ensures our community thrives now and, in the years, to come.”

We find ourselves amidst both exciting opportunities and pressing challenges as our region experiences continued growth. Drawing from my extensive prior experience and tenure within Council, I bring invaluable insights to navigate the road ahead.

Heightened awareness of issues such as the legislated dam safety wall upgrade, housing availability and affordability, and the urgent need for action on environmental concerns and climate change along with others, underscores the importance of experienced leadership. 

As we embark on a new Council term, prioritisation within our budget constraints is paramount.

I am eager to collaborate with a newly elected Council, committed to critically examining emerging issues and prioritising effectively within our financial constraints. Key priorities include infrastructure development to accommodate growth, ensuring water security and quality, maintaining a safe sewerage network, and optimising waste management practices.

Innovation remains paramount as we strive to minimise impacts on our residents while addressing pressing challenges. Together, let’s chart a course for sustainable growth and prosperity in our region.”

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