Current Toowoomba Regional Councillor, Bill Cahill today announced that he will again be standing as a candidate for the 2020 Toowoomba Regional Council election and that he looks forward to continuing his commitment toadvocating for the region and endeavouring to initiate and challenge debate on decisions that will enhance the quality of life for residents.

As a current standing Councillor, Cr Cahill has served three terms on the Toowoomba Regional Council. His experience speaks to a variety of portfolios, including environment and community, planning and development, and water and waste.

Based on a commitment to seeking continual improvement and making decisions based on integrity, Cr Cahill says, “The point of difference that I bring to the table lies in the fact that I have demonstrated myself to be truly independent, and not aligned to political parties or small, self-interested, influential sectors of the community. As such, I believe I can represent the balance in Council that the community is seeking.”  

With invaluable experience across a wide range of areas, Cr Cahill will continue to utilise his knowledge and skills in key areas of business management and government liaison, technical, corporate and organisational change.

Cr Cahill is ready to tackle issues facing the new council with effective solutions:

  1. Water security: Cr Cahill is looking to work alongside others to ensure that the region has a sustainable water supply. Continued growth necessitates that we monitor how existing water is used and take measures to establish a renewed approach towards water conservation.
  2. The environment: Cr Cahill aims to align the fundamental principles of the Planning Scheme Review for the new term of Council to ensure that environment, conservation and it’s co-existence with infrastructure is given a high priority
  3. Balancing growth and affordability: Cr Cahill will bring an extensive background in community, planning and development and water and waste management to initiate discussion that will focus on the standards of service being provided to the existing community, so that continued growth of the region remains beneficial and sustainable. Essential issues that Cr Cahill aims to focus on include road provision and quality, water and sewerage provision, efficient waste collection and recycling and disposal of waste.
  4. Being a voice to those who don’t have a voice: Cr Cahill will continue, as he always has, to listen and be an advocate for the issues that often underlay the broader problems faced in our community.

“Continued growth in our region can impact us all differently,” Cr Cahill says. “Balancing the increasing complexities and needs of the existing community with future growth is a permanent challenge in the current climate.”

For more information and further media enquiries regarding Cr Cahill’s campaign, please connect with BILL CAHILL 0499224455